What would it be worth to have an answer to tough ingredient questions at your fingertips?
Introducing a comprehensive guide to help you 
learn about & understand What's In Your Shampoo, 
so you can answer the questions you get asked regarding your Monat products. 
What's In Your Shampoo is your resource guide to understanding alternative ingredients used in hair care. What's new is often misunderstood, and that creates resistance and friction in the market place. Just because something is new doesn't mean it isn't better!
I've spent the last 4 years researching & cataloging the ingredient used in hair care, and comparing them against the ingredients in Monat products. This info is now available to you in an easy to reference and understand alphabetical glossary and guide. Also include are definitions & explanations of the components in hair care products.
Excerpts from the Book
Hair care, by definition, is a generalized overall term for the hygiene and cosmetology of hair of the head, face, & well, elsewhere. For the purposes of this book we are focusing on the head (insert winky face). You’ve got three basic components for daily care. There are shampoos, conditioners, & stylers. Sure there are treatments & chemicals to alter the structure of hair, but I want to focus on the products that are repetitively used to maintain the appearance of your hair, daily.
Hair care is a system that requires several categories of ingredients to work in harmony to provide the desired results you are looking for. These categories of ingredients have specific jobs in the formulation: Shampoos contain surfactants (cleansers or detergents), foam boosters or sudsing agents, emollients, stabilizers, opacifiers, sequestering agents, skin & hair conditioning agents, fragrance, and preservatives. Conditioners contain surfactants to help other ingredients adhere to the strand, humectants, conditioning agents, film formers, polymers, oils, proteins, emulsifiers, opacifiers, & emollients. Stylers typically contain film formers, polymers, alcohols, conditioning agents, anti-static agents, surfactants, viscosity agents, emulsifiers, emollients, propellants, & fragrance.  
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A Few Examples Of What People Are Saying...
Suzanne K Yay! Hey everybody!! I highly recommend getting this!! It’s a LIFE SAVER!!!! A tool that gives you confidence in speaking with stylists and people asking about ingredients!! Love mine!!
Christina L The knowledge and wealth of information you can glean from Deverne is priceless! Easy to accept and effortless to assimilate!
Linda J I downloaded it...lots of great information👍
Morgan S The BEST shampoo product knowledge! Download the PDF, print it out, study it forwards and backwards! DeVerne is the best with this stuff! Use this as a reference to search any product or customer question you may have! This is where I get almost all of my answers to your questions 😁
Melanie J Awesome job explaining everything!! Thank you Deverne!!
Suzanne M this is what you need to get a copy of! It is awesome!! Thank you so very much ---
Lori M DeVerne Augustus perfect thank you for clarifying. This book is going to be great for me. I greatly appreciate your help!!!
Susana W You are an amazing wealth of information and I Thank You for helping me build my business!!! ❤️
Laura C I have found this e-book invaluable in my quest for Monat product knowledge and we can show support by purchasing it :) 
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